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Turbocharge Your Website With Skygrace Cloud Hosting!

Faster Load Times

With cloud hosting your visitors will experience load times up to 2X faster.

Better Scalability

Cloud hosting allows you to scale your resources with one simple click.

Intuitive Dashboard

Easily view uptime, download speeds, usage trends and much more with our simple yet very intuitive dashboard.


best for personal use

  • 10GB Space
  • 1  Domain Hosted
  • 300GB SSD Disk
  • Special Offers
  • Limited Support


best for new bloggers

  • 20GB Space
  • 1 Free Domain
  • Unlimited Domains Hosted
  • Unlimited Sub Domains
  • 500GB SSD Disk
  • Special Offers
  • Unlimited Support


best for small businesses

  • 50GB Space
  • 1 Free Domain
  • Unlimted Domains Hosted
  • Unlimited Sub Domains
  • 700GB SSD Disk
  • Special Offers
  • Unlimited Support


best for big businesses

  • 100GB Space
  • 1 Free Domain
  • Unlimited Domains Hosted
  • Unlimited Sub Domains
  • 1000GB SSD Disk
  • Special Offers
  • Unlimited Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Host With Skygrace?

At Skygrace Web Hosting we are proud to offer everything you need to get your website up and running as quickly as possible. From 24 hour customer support to a 99% uptime guarantee, we've got you covered!

What is Web Hosting? How does it work?

Web Hosting is an Internet service that allows you to make your website accessible to the world.Once you purchase a Hosting package with us at Skygrace, your site will be stored on one of our servers. Your site will be assigned a DNS, a unique address that allows people all around the world to find and view your site.

What kind of Web Hosting do you need?

The type of web Hosting you need depends on what you want to do with your site, may be you want to create a Website.Shopping cart, or Podcast with a specific Web application.If you're not sure of the type of Hosting or package that would best suit your needs, you can get in touch with our support team through our live chat or by phone. We can advise you as to which package would best meet your specific needs.

Can I host multiple domain names with my Hosting account?

Yes.Starting from our Starter Plan,Business and Growth Web Hosting plan allows you to Host multiple websites. This is uncommon with other hosting company around.You can also use these plans to set up various names for your site and direct visitors to specific pages.

If I already have a website, can I transfer it to your Web Hosting?

Getting your existing website to Skygrace Hosting is a simple process. We offer this seamlessly. If you have access to your existing website files,you can upload them through CPanel or via an FTP client. If you don’t have a current copy of your website, you should be able to request one from your current website hosting provider.Our support team will assist you with this transition should you have any questions or if you encounter any difficulties.

How long does it take to set up a Web Hosting account?

Here at Skygrace,we offer instant account setup. It takes just less than 5 minutes to signup/setup your web Hosting package.